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Xerbo symbol.png
Dragon Turtle
Aliases The Sea Dragon
Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank Lesser God
Pantheon Oerth (Suloise)
Portfolio Business, money, sea, sailing
Domains Animal, Knowledge, Pact, Water
Home Plane Elemental Plane of Water
Worshippers Bankers, merchants, sailors
Favoured Weapon Murky Deep (Trident)

Xerbo (pronounced ZER-boh) is the Suloise god of the sea, sailing, money, and business. He's the consort of Osprem.


Xerbo appears as a large man with matted, kelp-like hair, wearing a Dragon Turtle scale armor and shield, holding a trident.


The Sea Dragon is worshipped as a merchant's god mainly, and only as a sea god when he needs to be placated. He's popular among the smaller merchants, as he preaches that no one person should be favored over another, and unpopular among guilds and unions. Xerbo's clerics act as protectors of the seas and their life, and are tied so tightly to it that extended leave from there, without a good reason, will cause him to disfavor you. They also ensure that trade vessels reach their destination, and facilitate trade in port cities. One rule they have is that they're not allowed to raise those who died at sea and were killed by sea creatures.


The law of the sea states that no sea creature should be favored over another. Land creatures, including intelligent ones, have no place in the water; it is a place to be feared and respected, not exploited. Land creatures in danger on the sea deserve no help unless they act to protect sea creatures or the sea itself. Do not let one’s emotions get in the way of making trade; no person should be favored over another.

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