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A Yaddithian in all of its tapir-snouted goodness.

The Yaddithians are a minor race from the Cthulhu Mythos, appearing in "Though The Gates of The Silver Key", a short story by H.P. Lovecraft that was his attempt at Dunsanian fantasy. As such, they are part of the small minority of Mythosian aliens who aren't actually hostile or even particularly sanity-rending, although they are still given the usual purple prose-laden vague description:

"Without definite intention he was asking the PRESENCE for access to a dim, fantastic world whose five multi-coloured suns, alien constellations, dizzy black crags, clawed, tapir-snouted denizens, bizarre metal towers, unexplained tunnels, and cryptical floating cylinders had intruded again and again upon his slumbers... He was, as many a night before, walking amidst throngs of clawed, snouted beings through the streets of a labyrinth of inexplicably fashioned metal under a blaze of diverse solar colour; and as he looked down he saw that his body was like those of the others—rugose, partly squamous, and curiously articulated in a fashion mainly insect-like yet not without a caricaturish resemblance to the human outline. The Silver Key was still in his grasp—though held by a noxious-looking claw."

Their official name is sometimes given as the Nug-Soth, and they are stated as having traits similar to mammals, reptiles, and insects. Originally a peaceful race of scholars and sorcerer-scientists, their homeworld was devastated by the Dholes, planet-wrecking giant predatory worms, and the survivors scattered across the galaxy.

Because Pathfinder never met a concept they wouldn't try to force into a race, the Yaddithian appeared in the Bestiary 6 as both a monster and a playable race.

+2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence, -2 Wisdom
Base land speed 20 feet
Darkvision 60 feet
Cold Resistance 5
No Breath: A yaddithian does not need to breathe, and is consequently immune to attacks that require breathing, such as inhaled poisons.
Claws: 2 Claw attacks inflicting 1d4 damage.
Rugose: +1 natural armor bonus.
Cosmic Mind: +2 racial bonus to Knowledge and Spellcraft checks, and a yaddithian stores spells in its own mind rather than in a spellbook or familiar, though the process of adding spells is unaffected.
Long-Lived: Yaddithians are immune to magical aging effects and gain neither benefit nor penalty from aging; their existence spans thousands of years and their vitality remains undiminished throughout.
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