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A Yeti (derived from Tibetan Yachê which loosely translates to "rocky bear") is a monstrous creature in Himalayan folklore that is most commonly depicted in the West as a large, powerful ape-man monster native to the icy heights of mountains or, less frequently, to the arctic tundra regions of various fantasy worlds. They range in depiction from shy, retiring beings to ferocious and deadly predators that employ near-human intelligence and their massive size & strength to survive.

The Sasquatch is basically a more southerly variant of the Yeti, inhabiting temperate forests and mountains instead.

Yetis appeared as a pseudo-playable monstrous race in Dungeons and Dragons 3.0e, and as hostile monsters in the Hillsbrad Foothills and Alterac Mountains zones in World of Warcraft

The Taer race from Unapproachable East are also clearly based on Yetis.