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This is a companion fluff story for the /tg/ homebrew game Server Crash.

How fitting someone who used to roleplay as a machine found himself one with the machine. Having coded his body into a more fitting form for his title, the ancient nerd walked through the hallowed halls of /tg/ watching as tiny little dorf programs scurried around, the ever present looming eye of the Overseer controlling the mindless drones from above.

He walked by various other for/tg/uardians, some who wore the "skins" of other board related icons like himself. They passed pleasantries as they walked by, but were all intent on their assigned duties. They had heard that some of the /v/agrants had plots to try and steal some of their hard earned fantasy erotica.

Yotian himself had risked life and limb to raid one of the old sites he once knew. Dark Nest. It had become a wasteland, the few defenders having been routed long ago. He knew the place like the back of his hand though, and managed to download a whole gigabyte of data before being over run by the horrid bots that occupied the site.

He sold most of it for new data files, made by the legendary code-forgers and attack-file programmers. He looked up, as along every wall, the flare of "A /v/ile force of darkness has arrived." With a flick of the wrist, his artifact_crystalglass_ax.exe flickered into existence in his hand, the simple copper appearance of his plating wavering as he superimposed steel_platemail.exe over it. The amount of cpu processing it took to keep them active would slow him slightly, but the extra defense was well worth it against those damn /v/agrants.

Hurrying through the fortress as quickly as his weighted down cpu could allow him, Yotian burst into the bright, simulated world above ground, his optics shrinking to delay the over abundance of code that threatened to lag him out. The wave of nausea passed quickly, as he shook his insect like head, forcibly canceling certain lines of code he did not need. Already the Dakka Orks were clambering up the walls, who were all painted a brilliant red, moving impossibly fast for their over abundance of coding. They were frail though, and a few proper hits could tear down their firewalls. The melee warriors, a motley mix of the /wh40/ clan, the M/tG/ crews, and the occasional RPG thread min maxer were with them.

Yotian joined them. He activated the rest of his armor codes, the masterwork_iron_gauntlet.exe, ork_Bone_leggings.exe and even the rarely used cat_leather_Highboots.exe and Turtle_Shell_Shield.exe file. He could not see the approaching horde, but from the crys of "Wez need mo' dakka!" coming from above, he knew it was not just some skirmish party.

He heard some of the 40kers pick up the chant "Blood for the Blood God!" which was deafened by the growing mass of choppa orks, who's cry of Waaaagh could be heard in the deepest levels of the fortress.

Soon, the front firewall was burst open, and a gibbering, writhing horde of video game monstrosities began to flood into the fortress. They were met by the finest code breakers the /tg/ fortress had to offer.