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The adorable Yotsuba, here to brighten your day.
Yotsuba is the loli mascot of 4chan. She is the titular character of the manga Yotsuba&!, written and illustrated by Azuma Kiyohiko, the author of Azumanga Daioh. She is also known as "404 Girl" due to her presence in the artwork for 4chan's 404 and Banned pages (presence of Yotsuba has always been required by moot when he invited the submission of images for the pages). If Yotsuba should ever come up in any thread, be sure to call her by this alternative name, as the resulting shitstorm is hilarious, albeit generally staged by other posters who are in on the joke.

If you don't already read the manga, you should do so. It's awesome, and has been scientifically documented to restore faith in humanity and cure cancer and other wonderful things. The translation took a huge hit in quality when series changed publishers in 2009, but the series is still worth checking out. Use scanlations if you have to.

Also, a word of advice. Do not, under any circumstances, ask for Rule 34 of her. You will have crossed the only line all of 4chan holds truly sacrosanct. We will not talk about what will happen to you. You don't want to fucking know.