You rolled a 1

From 1d4chan
Check What happens
Alchemy It exploded in your face. Take ½ subdued damage.
Animal Empathy The animal attacks you.
Appraise It is worth something. Probably.
Balance You trip over your own feet.
Bluff You tell them the truth.
Climb You break the thing you're climbing on and tumble down.
Composure You begin ranting your darkest secrets.
Concentration Ooh! Shiny!
Craft/ Use Magic Device It breaks as soon as you touch it.
Decipher Script The exact translation is “qwertyuiop, asdfghjkl”.
Diplomacy "Tell me your name, horse-f*cker, and I'll tell ye mine."
Disable Device You place your finger in a mouse trap.
Disguise You place a big red arrow pointing at you over your head.
Escape Artist You become more entangled, escape DC increases by 1d6.
Forgery It looks like a child using crayons made it.
Gather Information "Water is wet."
Handle Animal It bites/kicks you.
Heal You poke your finger in the wound and deal 1d4 damage.
Hide You hold up a stick in front of your face.
Intimidate “You’re a fat big poopy head!”
Intuit Direction You place you hands over your eyes and spin around.
Jump You fall flat on your face. Do not make a Tumble check.
Knowledge It may or may not exist.
Listen You hear crickets.
Move Silently Thor the god of thunder is trying to enter my building!
Open Lock You break your tool in the keyhole, jamming it.
Perform You are run out of town. By an angry mob.
Pick Pocket You punch them in the face.
Profession You're fired.
Read Lips Like lip reading a sock puppet.
Ride You are trampled by your own horse.
Scry You spy on a brick wall.
Search You find your other hand.
Sense Motive "They do not have a motive."
Spellcraft It's magic! No, really!
Spot You spot your nose.
Survival You jump into an alligator pit.
Swim You sink down like a rock.
Tumble You fall on your head. Take falling damage +10 ft.
Wilderness Lore You identify the dirt as being dirt.
Initiative You do not know you're in combat until you get hit.
Melee attacking Your weapon flies off in a random direction, roll on a table.
Ranged attack You shoot yourself in the face. With a rock.
Fortitude save You somehow contract a random STD, roll a d6 on the table.
Reflex save You zigged when you should have zagged.
Will save Spell becomes Dominate Person.
Bear lore It's a man in a bear suit look it's Nicolas Cage!