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The Yuki-Onna is a yokai from Japanese mythology who inhabits snowy mountains and comes down to the lowland during winter. They are usually depicted as resembling pale-skinned, black-haired Japanese women of great beauty, but /tg/ depictions of them often include blue or white skin and/or snow-white hair. Yuki-onna vary in behavior from leading men astray in blizzards to freeze to their deaths, to seducing men into bedding them only to then freeze them solid, to helping men survive the cold winter.

An obscure relative of the Yuki-onna is the Tsurara-onna, an icicle spirit who possesses most of the Yuki-onna's power, but who is warm and loving. Born from the loneliness of single men during deep winter, they seek out their creators to try and alleviate their loneliness, but are forced to leave when the warm weather returns, invariably making the relationship a tragic one.

Both versions are classic Japanese monstergirls and are depicted in many, many anime, manga and videogames.

The Yuki-onna has appeared as a monster in both Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd edition and in Pathfinder.