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Zendikar is a plane of adventure and exploration that has a unique natural disaster known as The Roil. It is also where the Eldrazi were sealed until some fuck ups (Jace, Chandra, Nissa, and Sarkhan) let them go. The truth is Zendikar is alive, and it doesn't like having the Eldrazi being there, even when they are sealed up real good and by extension fairly harmless. The Roil is infact its reaction to the presence of the Eldrazi. Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition now has Planeshift: Zendikar, a short supplement created to use Zendikar as a D&D setting.



Ivory skinned humanoids that lead a nomadic life and use hook ropes for hunting climbing and fighting. The Kor also appeared in the Tempest block, long ago, but Zendikar is their homeworld (how some of them got to Rath is unclear). They produce excellent trackers, scouts, and skirmishers for the plane's endless dungeon dives.


Quite similar to elves elsewhere in the multiverse; they live in forests and are good archers. Zendikar's elves are also good at communal spells. They are organized into tribes, which can be quite aloof or sometimes even hostile from each other. Elves often find employment as wilderness experts and guides for Zendikar's adventuring parties.


Zendikar's goblins are just as dumb, fearless, and humorous as their counterparts elsewhere in the multiverse; as such, they are popular among the plane's adventurers as trapfinders, lockpickers, and distract-those-trolls-while-I-loot-the-bodies-ers. They can be found in most parts of Zendikar; one of the most famous goblin leaders is Tuktuk the Returned, who was transformed into a golem by Eldrazi magic and somehow parlayed this into becoming a chieftain.


On Zendikar, vampires are not undead. Rather, they are infected with a disease that drives them to feed on the blood of others, and also causes physiological changes such as greatly increased agility and flexibility, horns or spikes growing from shoulders and/or elbows, and of course the standard fangs. Powerful vampire lords ruled entire realms in Malakir and Guul Draz, although they began to interact more with other races after the return of the Eldrazi.


Zendikar's merfolk have legs rather than tail fins and can breathe air as well as water. They specialize in magic that affects the Roil, either to calm it or turn its power against an enemy. The most famous Zendikari merfolk is the planeswalker Kiora, although they are common sights wherever adventurers and scholars gather.


Zendikar suffered an invasive species problem at the hands of a (perhaps only 3 member) race known as the Eldrazi.

Notable locations[edit]


A mysterious ancient temple that floats on an outcropping of land high in the sky, thanks to Zendikar's variable gravity. Houses a forgotten temple to Emeria the sky goddess, aka Emrakul.


An enormous waterfall that seems to have a strange sort of relationship with the forces of time. Has been seen on a take-extra-turn card.

Bala Ged[edit]

A large jungle full of baloths, gnarlids and other carnivorous nasties. Has been turned to dust by Ulamog and his spawn.

Sea Gate[edit]

A city known for its libraries, sphinx visitors, and oracles, and the fact that it sits on a dam holding in the Halimar basin. Destroyed by Eldrazi.


A supermegaomgwtfvolcano. Possibly the Multiverse's equivalent of Krakatoa or Olympus Mons.

Notable Cards[edit]

Vampire Hexmage[edit]

Can be sacrificed to remove all counters from a permanent. Destroy Planeswalkers instantly! Free Marit Lage from the Dark Depths! Bring Etched Monstrosity up to full power for cheap! Speed up Celestial Convergence! Did we mention that being black makes it relatively trivial to reuse after being sent to the graveyard? Oh and it's a 2/1 with first strike.

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