Zephyrim Squad

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Assault Marines, with tits!

The more choppy version of the Seraphim Squad. Zephyrims are a type of Jump Pack troop used by the Sisters of Battle specializing in melee combat. After years of getting butchered in a snuff film by GW writers, the Sororitas realized that they need a new unit of close combat specialists that could protect the Sisters from more...unfortunate implications.


Only Sisters who experience a direct and persistent connection with the God-Emperor can become Zephyrim. Overwhelmed by this constant communion, they often lose the ability to converse with the other warriors of their Order. They speak in unknown words and exist in a state of unwavering rapture, which sorts of make them more in line with the Sisters of Silence. Many amongst the Sisterhood believe that they speak prophecies that are intelligible only to those whose faith is able to decode the message. In battle they engage in GLORIOUS melees, dismembering the enemy with their Power Swords.

Unlike the Seraphims, the Zephyrim Squad are the actual Sororitas equivalent of the Space Marine Assault Squad and Ork Stormboyz.


On tabletop, as their looks implies, these are close combat Seraphims. They are traditionally armed with the stock standard power swords and bolt pistols with 2 attacks base (3 for the Superior). Deep Strike per normal and the option to get a pennant that allows re-roll charges for ORDER Sisters within 6", they can get there.

Once they get there the power sword attacks may not appear all that threatening at first but a special rule helps soothe that fear: Rapturous Blows allows them to re-roll wounds (think AP-3 lightning claw). Re-rolling 4+ to wound is better than wounding on 3+ (75% vs 66% chance), re-rolling 5+ is better than 4+ (55.55% vs 50%). Re-rolling 6's is the only loser vs. wounding on 5+ but not by much (30.55% vs 33%).

All in all, the Zephyrim Squad is a very solid CQC choice for the Sisters and the first in the army list to be a fast attack and assault CQC unit.

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