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A pornographic RPG from Japan.


Zettai Reido means 'absolute zero' in Japanese, but it rearranges the characters for 'slave (Do-rei -> Rei-do)' to make the title into a pun that means Absolute Slavery.


The marketing copy describes it thus:

"Zettai Reido is an over-18 only TRPG rulebook made just for those who like Devil Girls, Non-Human Girls, and Tentacles!! Includes never-before-scene(sic) situations like playing a demon family in the demon world."

Hilariously, the name "Zettai Reido" was first used by a popular Yaoi manga magazine. Justified by the sheer amount of futa love in the game


There are also several supplements (these are the actual titles, we swear):

  • Eternal Pleasurance
  • Lewd Children
  • Promiscuous Sexcipline
  • The Black Goat's Horny Banquet
  • Book of Sexual Creatures (this one has a table to roll on to determine what flavor of tentacle is probing your nethers)


Unknown. Zettai Reido is written entirely in Japanese, and only a partial English translation is available. What is known is that it has a GM, HP, and MP, suggesting a system similar to D&D or console RPGS. Stats include magic, strength, and "servitude" - the last one showing how many dongs you can slobber or how good you fap. The rolling conventions are all in d6's. A FATAL-like Anal Circumference system apparently exists.

Some game mechanics (and amazingly, this is by no means a rules-lite game) can be gleamed from partial and machine translations (and healthy dosages of neckbearded experience):

Basics: each character has 9 statistics, some of which are self-explanatory: strength, agility, intelligence, training (more Dom-oriented), service (more Sub-oriented), temptation, vitality (endurance, and all that entails), magic power, and self-respect/esteem.

There are 3 derived statistics: health points, magic points, and pride points. The point of combat is to either reduce an enemy's HP to 0, thereby killing them, or to reduce their PP (Pride Points) to 0, thereby mindbreaking and enslaving them. No, really. The latter is the superior option, as taking slaves increases your abilities faster and having slaves service you is the primary method of regaining HP, MP, and PP.

Rolling is simple, if a bit odd: The system uses a notation called 2d6R, which is a normal 2d6 except 6's are 0s, thereby giving a range of 0 to 10 (Again, no polyhedral dice). Dual 6's are a critical success; dual 5's are a critical fumble. On a given task, if you roll equal to or below your statistic, you have a success. For example, if you attempt to punch with strength 6 and roll a 4 and a 1 (for a sum of 5), you succeed. Furthermore, the difference between your attribute and your roll (6-5 = 1 in this case) is the number of successes you have, which is counted in opposing rolls. There's some other rolling conventions, but those are mostly for character creation tables.

(Does this sound a little like Dark Heresy to you? Oh boy.)

Each stat starts at 6 and there's plenty of random table rolling for specific traits (horns? tentacles? mucus skin?) to starting weapons and charms (magic spells). Additional equipment is purchased by spending souls.

There's also a fairly robust section on scenario creation, monsters, traps (both kinds!), NPCs and templates, spells, items (including guns!), implications of an economy running on souls, a chapter on the demon world setting, and an extra section on large-scale combat and waging war and conquering territories.

It's like Sengoku Rance, but for table-top. And with more Futa./d/Ms go nuts over this sort of thing.


Unknown, presumably some sort of fantasy and/or demon world. What has been collectively gathered is demons in hell have a insane sex drive and nothing better to do than bone. Everything has a penis and is 12 years old. If in the event something in hell lacks a penis, there are plenty of ways for something to give it one. Oh, and demons quite commonly fight with each other over who gets to give and take the entrance of said penises.

The book depicts a number of different races:

  • Asura
  • Devil
  • Seraph
  • Cenobite
  • Lamia
  • Undead Spawn
  • Succubus & Incubus
  • Vampire
  • Dark Elf
  • Ogre
  • Scylla
  • Dark Knight
  • Beast
  • Black Goat
  • Balrog

According to /d/ the illustrations of these are contributed by a variety of noted hentai artists.

ZR on /tg/[edit]

/d/ recently began an effort to extract and translate the content, and have begun to proof and enhance the translations, though a playable edition has not yet been compiled.

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