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Zeus symbol.jpg
Alignment 2E/5E: True Neutral
3E: Chaotic Good
Divine Rank Greater God
Pantheon Greek
Portfolio Storms, Rulership
Domains 3E: Air, Chaos, Good, Nobility, Strength, Weather
5E: Tempest
Home Plane Olympus (Arborea)
Worshippers Everyone
Favoured Weapon Shortspear or halfspear

Zeus is the king of the Greco-Roman gods, lord of storms and patron of kings, renowned for his wisdom, his battle prowess, and his unflincing dedication to sticking his dick in everything that catches his eye. He is most relevant to /tg/ for appearing in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and in Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition as part of the Olympian pantheon to be worshipped by players and NPCs. As such, he appears as part of the Great Wheel and is an important NPC in Planescape.

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