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Zhadsnark, also known as Da Rippa, is an Ork Biker, Speed Freek, one of the most powerful Warbosses of Waaagh! Garaghak. Showed up in fluff when he and his Boyz took part in the Waaagh! Garaghak, and fought against Elysian Imperial Guard forces in their raid on the world of Kastorel-Novem.

Zhadsnark leads a warband of Boyz on warbikes, wartraks, and other stuff that has wheels. Zhaddie believes that the best approach is the direct approach aka BLUDGEONING EVERYTHING IN FRONT ASSAULT. As a Warboss of 'da old skool', Zhadsnark distrusts 'clever gitz' like Painboyz and Weirdboyz as well as complex technology offered by Big Meks. (how does he ride his techy bike then? Another fluff-hole, zoggit; nah, ya grot! Who the 'ell calls making a bike more shooty complex teknowlogee?)

Zhadsnark rides his own huge 'kustom' warbike he calls 'Da Beast', armed to the teeth (Bike's teeth, not Zhadsnark's) with skorchas and big shootas. In addition, the Warboss carries a huge spinning power blade known as 'Da Rippa'.

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