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Zhakata Symbol.jpg
Small reliquary containing human finger bones
Alignment Lawful Evil
Divine Rank None, doesn't exist
Pantheon Ravenloft
Portfolio Fasting, Starvation
Domains Destruction, Earth, Fire, Protection (All spells granted by the Dark Powers, as Zhakata is not a real god)
Home Plane Demiplane of Dread
Worshippers G'hennans
Favoured Weapon Flail

It's pretty damn hard to worship a fake god in D&D; you can pull pretty much any concept out of your ass, and it's pretty much a given that some deity or god-like entity (Titans, Empyreans, powerful Fiends, epic-level Adventurers) will fit the bill. Zhakata, from the Ravenloft setting, is a rare case of a god in D&D being confirmed completely fictional even in-universe. Zhakata was born from the delusions of Yagno Petrovna, who took a meaningless word written on a wall and concluded it was a god who protected him. Yagno's proclivity for human sacrifice in the name of the fictitious deity eventually led to him becoming the Darklord of the domain G'henna, which he rules as a theocracy of Zhakata. Zhakata's faith has no influence outside of G'henna.

As can be expected from a faith that got its founder damned to Darklordship, the worship of Zhakata is not at all pleasant. Zhakhata, also known as The Devourer, is a god of famine and all it entails; starvation, cruelty, hoarding resources, et cetera. Worship of Zhakata centers around his appeasement, and he demands constant sacrifices in his name- mostly of food (which is actually eaten by the priesthood), but human sacrifice via starvation is also common.

It was once thought that when he is sated, he will return to earth as "the Provider", his aspect as a god of plenty and turn the sorry state of G'Henna around into an era of bountiful harvests and general happiness. Unfortunately for the domain, the last time Yagno tried to summon Zhakata, he called up the nalfeshnee Malestroi, who bluntly told the Darklord that Zhakata never existed. Yagno refused to believe it and declared worship of Zhakata's Provider aspect to be heretical.

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