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He certainly takes the "skulls" part of Khorne's mantra to heart.

Zhufor, known as Zhufor the Impaler or the Butcher of Vraks is a World Eaters Chaos Lord responsible for a lot of shit during the Siege of Vraks. His old name was Balzach, back when he was a LOYALIST in the Storm Lords Chapter. However, he was wounded and captured by the World Eaters and surprisingly, instead of being chainaxed, he was tortured, drugged, and had his name changed so it wouldn't sound so much like "Ballsack" brainwashed into being a servant of Khorne. He's also pretty tall from the sounds of things, even by Space Marine standards. He leads his own World Eaters force known as The Skulltakers, so you know they're edgy.

From his time on Vraks, he's managed to literally force every single Chaos Lord on Vraks, There were A LOT, trust me, to pretty much serve under him. Well, almost all. Arkos the Faithless technically stayed solo, but even he decided he didn't want to oppose good ol' Zhufor. He also dethroned the previous guy who made Vraks a pretty shit place. But to be fair, he was just a regular human. He also killed a bunch of Chaos Lords who wouldn't join him. And they went at it without Armour too. Fun stuff. His BIG feat was helping to summon An'ggrath. Unfortunately, An'ggrath got his ass handed to him by an Inquisitor Lord. Also, Zhufor killed a somewhat important Commissar General, proceeding to mount his corpse atop his Terminator Armour. Now, killing a Commissar isn't that impressive, but the trophy is badass. Zhufor and his Terminators were pretty much the scariest thing on Vraks, besides the two Daemon Lords that were summoned. But seriously, these guys wrecked some shit up!

Something important to note:

Zhufor sided with Abaddon. Not because he really wants to, more so to better serve good ol' Khorne. He managed to get a lot of Weapons and supplies thanks to this. Quite a smart move, because now he has a pretty dangerous Khornate fleet.

And because Zhufor knew that defeat was pretty much guaranteed, he decided to escape with a portal. But for shits and giggles, he decided to leave a Daemon Prince with his very own Legion behind. What a swell guy!

On the Tabletop[edit]

Historically speaking, Zhufor has been quite an excellent Khornate HQ, and 8th edition is no exception, particularly with the huge buffs to deep striking. His S10 powerfist, the Claw of Demnos now has an AP-1 combi-bolter attached, and his unique chainaxe strikes at AP-2 D2. If an attack from his axe targets a CHARACTER and he rolls a 6 to wound, it does 3 damage at AP-4 instead. In addition to being able to deny a single psychic power, he allows friendly SKULLTAKERS units within 6" to reroll to hit rolls of 1, and adds a +1 penalty to any morale tests that enemy units within 6" take. All in all, quite a solid Khornate HQ choice.

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