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Hawk riding a wolf
Alignment True Neutral
Divine Rank Celestial Immortal
Pantheon Mystaran (Energy)
Portfolio Sylvan races, Animals, Survival, Magic, Nature, Outcasts, Hunting
Domains Energy, Animals, Magic, Hunting
Worshippers Traldar, Traladarans, Milenians, Alphatians, Robrenn, Jibar
Favoured Weapon Longbow

Zirchev, also called Leug, The Huntsman, or Uatumá, is the patron Immortal of Sylvan races (centaurs, satyrs, phanaton), and rangers.


In legends, Zirchev was a huntsman, to whom the Immortals taught how to tame horses and dogs, how to fight with them, how to swin, and mimic the animals to hunt and survive. Alongside Halav and Petra he went to the village of Lavv to show them what they had learned. The villagers laughed at them, leading to Halav murdering their king and taking his place. The three then started teaching the villagers their skills, and when the beastmen army came Zirchev fought against them. After Halav died in the final battle, he helped Petra carry his body back to Lavv, where he was spirited away by the Immortals along with his companions.

In reality, Zirchev was a magic-user trained by the hutaakan, and a friend of elves and other forest-dwelling races. He devoted a large part of spells to summoning various animals and forest folk, and befriending them. When the gnoll armies came, and the hutakaan ran to their valley, Zirchev acted as Halav and Petra's chief magical advisor and took part in many battles against the gnolls. After Halav was brought back to life, the three split apart to seek the wisdom of the Immortals to protect the Traldar, with Zirchev ascending to Immortality in the Sphere of Energy sponsored by Ilsundal.


In life Zirchev was a pudgy, unatractive, and clumsy person. After his ascension, he made his manifestation form a strongly-muscled and handsome human, wearing forest-green clothes, carrying a bow. He's usually accompanied by retinue of tame animals or forest-dwelling races.


Zirchev is shy, in life he felt uncomfortable around warriors, women, and children, feeling more comfortable amongst animals. He's also symphatetic to social outcasts and those who help the sylvan races. He's close friends with Halav and Petra, and is friends the Immortals of forest-dwelling races like Ilsundal, Ordana, Faunus. He has no real enemies.

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