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Man's hand partially wrapped in gray cloth
Aliases The Gray Son, the Gentle Hand
Alignment Neutral Good
Divine Rank Lesser God
Pantheon Oerth (Flan)
Portfolio Benevolence, hope, mercy
Domains Community, Good, Healing, Liberation, Protection
Home Plane Morninglory (Elysium)
Worshippers Diplomats, healers, pacifists, Stupid Good people
Favoured Weapon Hand of Zodal (Unarmed strike)

Zodal is the Flan god of mercy, hope, and benevolence. He's the servant of Rao and former husband of Joramy.


The Gray Son appears as man dressed in simple, gray robes with large, careworn hands.


Followers of Zodal are, if not optimistic, good-natured, who believe that through positive emotions and mercy the world can be changed. Clerics of the Gentle Hand live in simple conditions, and use their knowledge and abilities to alleviate pain in others and aid those in need. They are often found on the battlefields as healers, and adventure to spread their message, discover artifacts of healing and hope, and tdestroy those that bring woe to others.


Only by experiencing kindness and mercy can evil be turned from its path, whether in a single goblin or an entire nation. Despite the world’s troubles, press on with faith that your actions bring about a better place. Let the Zodal guide you when you would be pulled into the sea of blood, pain, anger, and despair. You are the master of your feelings and by acting upon your positive ones you set an example forthose who have known only misery.

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