Zones(Mutant: Heirs of Doom)

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Large parts of the Albionic Isles are wild and untamed nature. It shifts between colossal woods, lime deserts, volcanic mountains and most things in between. But there are some territories feared more than the forests and the deserts. The term "zone" or "forbidden zone" refers to these lands - places so dangerous and barren they can not be lived in without constant danger.

You can usually hear people discuss the origins of these no-man's-land at zone dives. The two most common theories are that they either came from the catastrophic wars or are a result of naturals disasters such as acid storms or stone rains

There are some souls who bid defiance to the zones risks. They have to live with terrorrobots, slaughtertrees and zonemares as their neighbours, but they avoid the diseased civilisation which plague their existence.

Most of the Albionics are yet to be explored territories, which is why many daredevils risk their lives and limbs to discover amazing Hi-tekh to sell expensively. Or at least something to sell for food. Even the Knowledgists have a couple of zone-wanderers in their service, called Explorators, which always are on expeditions in the wilderness. You rarely get to live long in this business. But you will at least know you have lived. In the zones, no one can hear you scream. On the other hand: no one can hear your blunderbuss, either!



North of the wall of Albion lies two forbidden zones known as the fighting sister zones - Sizones for short. The west one is a dark landscape filled to the brim with mutated dirt and lard, while the east one is endless plains claimed by robots doing their best to keep it clean from life. They constantly fight each other and change size. Travelling along the war front in the middle is relatively safe, and trade caravans use it annually.


The zone at the southeastern shore, known as The Screaming Loneliness or simply Lone, is the largest zone in the Albionc Isles. It is said to have been the first zone to come into existence. And knows-mosters say it is the one going to disappear last. The dangers of the zone can't be overemphasized. But neither can the treasures, if rumors are to be relied on. The name comes from the soundless bubbles called sound spots. When you enter one the sound stops. There is no sound what so ever. And then there is nothing. And nothing. And suddenly, when you leave the bubble, all the sounds come at the same time in one horrible choir of noises. Sleeping in one is a horrible idea. Partially a contrast to the sound spots are the scrambled sounds. Places where all sound is distorted in one way or another. The sounds can be greatly strengthened or weakened in any moment, so that a whisper ends up as a thunderous roar, or an explosion die away in the crisp sound of bells. Strange echoes occurs, frightening whistling and howling, pops in the air and muffled roars. At one time I got to experience the marvel of a conversation that ensued four days earlier, returned as an accelerated and repeating echo, which finally died away in an almost inaudible whistle.

Northern fog[edit]

North of the Blastey is an eternal mist. Every sailor worth their salt knows that this fog is a sure death. The stories explaining the cause of the mist are almost as many as the stories about the people who died when they tried to explore it. And almost as false, too.

The mysterious fog comes from smoke machines at the island in the middle of the fog. The island is a base for terror robots. So far only a few are awake, but more are coming. And they are preparing for the execution of The Last Order. "Destroy the enemy!"

To the west of the fog lies an islet. It has become an colony for Albion