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Zura sigil.png
Crimson Fanged Skull Rune
Aliases The Vampire Queen, She Who Savours Flesh
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Divine Rank Demon Lord
Pantheon Golarion
Portfolio Blood, Cannibalism, Vampires
Worshippers cannibals, drow, bekyar, vampires
Favoured Weapon Rapier

Zura 1e.jpg
Zura 2e.png

Zura, known simply as the Vampire Queen, is a Demon Princess of Blood, Cannibalism and Vampires who is believed to have originated as a particularly decadent Atzlant queen from the Pathfinder world of Golarion; a cannibalistic gourmand and a twisted fetishist who routinely bathed in blood, she killed herself as part of an accidental suicide pact with several consorts, only for her soul to arise in the Abyss as a vampire-succubus, who, much like Nocticula, went on to become a powerful Demon Princess.

Zura appears as a weirdly sexy melding of woman and bat, looking much like a brown-skinned succubus with blood-red hair and eyes, taloned feet like a dire bat, bat's wings in place of arms, and vampire-like fangs. Needless to say, she's most popular with cannibals and vampires - this gives her a rather complicated relationship with Urgathoa, with the two constantly switching from being closely allied to waging bloody war upon one another.

Zura's unholy symbol is a runic depiction of a fanged skull done in crimson, or of a skull with crimson fangs, and she is honored either through the mutual drinking of blood between humanoids or through a cannibalistic feast. She bestows protection against the supernatural powers of undead beings, and various powers that emulate vampirism in her most rewarded followers, culminating in the ability to temporarily become a vampire for a short period of time.

Much like her fellow Demon Princess Jezelda, Zura rules over an Abyssal realm stocked with humanoid victims captured from countless worlds. Known as Nesh, it takes the form of a long, narrow world dominated by mountains, ranging from snowy peaks and glacial valleys at one end to temperate regions of woodland and moor in the center to jungle-covered slopes and swampy lowlands at the opposite end. Of course, this realm exists under an eternal night sky, given the Vampire Queen and her minions & followers an endless opportunity to feast.

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